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I offer some of the finest face and body art in town. My prices reflect my years of experience, the quality of my work, and the products that I use. I believe every child should be respected and enjoy the experience itself; it is not only about the final product. Most designs work to a 5 to 10-minute time. I am a detail-oriented individual who ensures that each design I create has a wow factor!

The following are the rates for personal events only. For corporate events, I can work for small and big corporate events. If it’s a big event, I have a team of great artists whom I carefully choose to work with. I only want the best in my team! Please email me at for customized quotes.

Please fill out this form as soon as possible to secure your spot, and I will email you or text you for confirmation.

Before booking me, please read the Terms of Services.

Minimum Booking of 1.5 hours (1 hour and 30 minutes) and can accommodate up to 15 kids/faces. 

Travel Fee

**Long distance/travel fees may apply $25 minimum** To events outside of Calgary or Deep South of Calgary (or more than 30 km from my place Evanston, NW)

Weather: For an outdoor event:

If the weather is too windy, cold, or just plain miserable, please prepare an indoor space for everyone's comfort.

If it's in Summer, please provide a canopy or shaded area. The client should provide a table and 2 chairs.

Another friendly reminder:

To save time setting up, please prepare a sturdy table (ideally 4 ft width or longer, since I have a big heavy case and more stuff) and two chairs before my arrival.

If you will be busy on the day of your event, I would appreciate it if you could pay me before the party begins or before I leave. 

Also,  indicate the venue type
in the message box below. (Ex. House (Outdoor or Indoor), Hotel, Banquet Hall, Community Hall, Restaurant, Play Zone for Kids, Park, Office for Corporate Events - Indoor or Outdoor).


Your friendly Face Painting Artist


(403) 617-7937

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