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My Journey to Watercolor

There are those artists who were born to create and then those who discovered their passion as a silver lining in the midst of a global pandemic. Arnz is both.

Armed with curiosity and creativity, she started to explore watercolor in October of 2020. She instantly fell in love with the medium and has been painting since then. In less than a year, she has created a community of watercolor enthusiasts, fostered engagements amongst artists, and hosted several art challenges which were participated by thousands of artists from around the world.

Arnie has a signature style evident in her choice of colors and brush strokes. Her botanical illustrations have been seen on various pages and have been tagged by different products, brands wanting to collaborate with her.

Arnie is a certified artist with a gallery of intricate watercolor paintings worthy to be held by you, waiting to find a place in your home.

if you are interested to buy some of her paintings.

Please reach out to me at 403-617 7937

My Facebook page: Arnie_Artsy  and my Instagram: @Arnie_Artsy

Arnz - Watercolor Journey: Bio

Some fun works on Instagram

Arnz - Watercolor Journey: Text
Arnz - Watercolor Journey: Instagram
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