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Looking forward to painting at your event!

Here are the rates and please read the terms of services as well.

I cater to Calgary, AB area, including but not limited to Cochrane and Airdrie.  Travel rates will apply to events outside of Calgary.

1.5. hours


  • The minimum hours for booking is 1.5 hours ( 1 hour and 30 minutes)

  • up to 15 Colorful Faces painted

  • 1 Artist

2 hours


  • 15– 20 Colorful Faces painted

  • 1 Artist

2.5 hours


  • 1 Artist

  • up 20 to 25 Colorful Faces painted

3 hours


  • 1 Artist

  • 25 – 30 Colorful Faces painted

3.5 hours


  • 1 Artist

  • 25 – 30 Colorful Faces painted

4 hours


  • 1 Artist

  • 32 – 42 Colorful Faces painted

If 4.5 hours or more

$450 or more

Please mention in the booking form


Terms of Services

Thank you for your interest in Arnz Face Painting!

My terms of service are designed to protect my clients, event host, and the artist. By availing of my services, you are agreeing to these terms below. Please read them carefully.

Event Location

I cater to Calgary, AB area, including but not limited to Cochrane, Airdrie. I may charge travel fees for areas outside of Calgary.


You can pay upon successful completion of the event. A deposit is not required.
Payment is preferred cash or e-transfer arniemabalay@hotmail.com


Please be aware that I will strictly observe the schedule and I will not go over the agreed time,  if I do not have a prior appointment and an extension is requested, an additional fee of $100 per hour is due on the day of the event.
If I have another event an hour after yours, I will need to leave at the agreed-upon time so that I am not late for my next appointment, but I will ensure that all booked children were painted.

Force Majeure

In the event that I cannot execute my obligations due to unforeseen conditions (e.g., bad weather), I will not accept liability for natural causes, and the payment will be due. The client is advised to have a contingency plan in all cases such as an indoor location or event tent.

Working Condition

The artist reserves the right to discontinue service or leave the premises in cases of imminent danger, violent or inappropriate behavior and/or illegal activities.

Child Management

Children must be under constant supervision at all times. Kindly take note that child care is out the artist’s responsibility. Please consider assigning another staff member to look after the safety of the children.


We shall seek for the client’s permission should we decide to take photographs during the event. With the client’s approval, Arnz Face Painting shall reserve the right to use the images for promotional purposes.

Liability Statement

I only use water-based face paints and glitters that are fully compliant with FDA cosmetic regulations. I follow strict sanitation and hygiene procedures. Children under 3 years of age are discouraged from participating for safety measures. I reserve the right to refuse to paint children with medical conditions such as sensitive skin, allergies, cold sores, conjunctivitis, eczema, open wounds or head lice. I warrant that the services will be provided with reasonable care and skill. Therefore, I should not be held responsible for any damages whatsoever. The client shall compensate the artist for damages to equipment and supplies caused by guests or pets.

Thank you for taking the time to read our policies. We hope you enjoy my service!